For all those who want to buy or rent a property, our Real Estate Studio will be able to help you and offer you assistance in the purchase process, through various services related to buying and selling. You will have a single point of contact who will take care of everything necessary to reach the notarial deed and can also help you manage your new property.  



In addition to the traditional offer of our real estate portfolio, our Agency is able to work as a "Property Finder", a personalized service based on your requests. We will look for the property that meets your needs by analyzing the market, carrying out all the necessary checks in a reserved and professional manner. You will have a single point of contact for all the properties that will be proposed to you. Furthermore, if you find a property privately, we can help you define the real estate negotiation and provide you with the necessary technical assistance for the notarial deed.



Thanks to our decades of experience in the sector, we collaborate with the best notaries in the area and thanks to a continuous professional relationship, we can speed up the buying and selling process. Our clients can rely on a reliable, fast, and secure service for everything related to the checks and processing of buying and selling practices, avoiding unnecessary waste of time with the collection and verification of documentation, to arrive without obstacles at the notarial deed.


Architaly, the technical studio with which we collaborate, is at your complete disposal to solve any type of urban, cadastral, administrative, and technical problem; our experts deal with design, interior design, renovation, enhancement, and recovery of properties and are able to manage the entire process: from the feasibility study to the executive project, up to the management of the work, together with the completion of all necessary bureaucratic practices. A true 360-degree service to see your ideas realized and made concrete. It is possible to carry out inspections directly in some already completed properties to see with your own eyes and touch the work already carried out. The studio is able to draw up the APE (Energy Performance Certificate) mandatory for both the rental and sale of a property.



The companies we collaborate with are among the most qualified and reliable in the area. We are therefore able to offer solutions suitable for the different needs of our customers, in full respect of the intervention methods, the budget, and the agreed timing. Turnkey offers are possible for the renovation or construction of your property.



Our Agency can help you activate utilities (electricity, telephone, water, gas, etc.) and thanks to the commercial studies with which we collaborate, we can offer you assistance for the payment of taxes relating to your property.



We are constantly updated regarding the financial market, in order to propose the best solutions and the most reliable credit institutions for the request for loans, bank mortgages, and tax benefits. We will assist you throughout the process (documentation collection, request, appraisal, resolution, and notarial deed) until obtaining the financial credit. In case of need to access a mortgage, we can formulate purchase proposals subject to approval of the requested financing. We can also provide you with advice on the possibility of accessing various tax deductions, including: renovation bonus, furniture bonus, sima bonus, etc.



In order to ensure maximum safety in the buying and selling process, thanks to our trusted lawyers, we are able to resolve various legal issues



Thanks to our collaborators, we are able to offer our clients targeted advice on insurance products related to the home and all property, in order to manage their home peacefully



All sales documents can be drafted in dual language and through the presence of official translators, it will be possible to follow the process in the most transparent and secure way for both parties.